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Quattro pol

nestled in the heart of Gniezno in Poland, where quality meets style. Our extensive range of products, from custom protective covers to refined bedding, reflects our passion for textiles and our dedication to excellence. Browse our site to discover how our artisanal creations can beautify and protect your spaces, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your everyday life.

What we do

Creation, Craftsmanship, Innovation, Durability

Custom Creations

Turn your ideas into reality with our tailor-made crafting service. We bring unique designs to life that perfectly match your needs and style.

Artisanal Excellence

Our workshop is the home of quality textile craftsmanship, where each item is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring durability and elegance.

Diverse Collection

Explore our extensive range of textile products, from comfortable bedding to protective covers, and discover how we can beautify and safeguard your spaces.

Assured Durability

Our products are built to last, combining high-quality materials with expert crafting, thus ensuring a long lifespan and timeless aesthetics.

Satisfaction Client

Your satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to providing exceptional service and products that exceed your expectations with every order.

Textile Trends

Stay ahead of textile trends with our ever-evolving collection. Discover modern designs and revisited classics that bring a fresh touch to your space.

Our Clients Love Us


« We are extremely satisfied with the quality of bed sheets crafted by Quattro pol. Their finesse and unmatched comfort have received praises from our guests. Their durability is also impressive, remaining pristine wash after wash. An excellent choice for our hotel« 


« The outdoor protective covers from are of exceptional quality. The fabric is robust, withstands weather well while remaining aesthetically pleasing. We have found the perfect solution to protect our outdoor furniture while maintaining an elegant style« 


« The custom car seat designed by Quattro Pol is simply perfect. The measurements are precise, the comfort is optimal, and the finishing is flawless. They considered every detail to meet our specific needs. It’s masterful work.« 

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